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Charub goes to BETA!

After months of development, full of ups and downs, here we are: ready for the next milestone - hearing all the feedback our users have to give us. Bring it on!

Charities are the big winners!

At Charub, everyone is a winner but Charities are the biggest winners. We can all make a difference by doing something we do every day - clicking!

Our supporters

"Charub is a wonderful concept and enables people to generate money for charities close to their heart just by being active on social media. Brands benefit, charities benefit and users benefit form using Charub; it truly is a WIN WIN for everyone. I have been on an positive, eye opening journey with Charub, one of which has proved to be good for the soul. The dawn of Social Good has arrived and Charub is leading the way."

Michael Keogh, Charub

"An incredible innovation - doing good while being social - it's brilliant. I'm looking forward to watching Charub go global and realise their ambitious goals."

Kate Gray, Builder of brands/customers/talent at ambitious companies