IT Support & Consultancy

Now Solutions is an IT support company serving small to medium sized businesses in Greater London, Hertfordshire, Barnet and surrounding areas.

Our core business is providing IT Support and consultancy to local businesses where we ensure that everything from the desktops, servers, printers and networking are running smoothly and efficiently. Our friendly and professional support team are ready to take your calls and resolve any potential issues remotely or on site.

To complement our IT support offering we have a number of cloud based solutions that can improve and expand your IT infrastructure and ultimately contribute to a better business operational capacity.

We can help start-up business from the ground up advising on cost effective solutions on every IT aspect. Ranging from the basics, such as procuring workstations and server hardware, to setting up the network and configuring firewalls, we have the expertise to start from nothing and deliver upon a robust and optimally configured network and computing environment to meet security and business objectives.

Established businesses often have an IT system that is outdated and vulnerable. Now Solutions can assist by auditing the existing system and then make an analysis to determine if the current system still makes sense, how it can be improved or upgraded.

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