About us

How Charub was born and why we do what we do

About us

The first thing you need to know about us is that we want to change the world. We want to have a massive impact, on a global scale, in our lifetime.

A little ambitious you might think, but hey, what’s life for, if not to realise dreams?

We’re a small group of people with enormous passion for social good.

The original idea for Charub started when our CEO & Founder was watching taxis drive by at an airport. She wondered what would happen if individuals would put adverts on their cars like taxis do, but rather than receiving the income from the advertising, would direct it to charity.

The idea evolved over a couple of years and it came to what it is now, in the world of the internet, social media, clicks, likes and shares.

Stuff we do every day when we keep in touch with our friends and family suddenly became a force for good. With no extra effort or financial commitment from each of us.

When creating this service we aimed at creating a win/win solution for everyone. We wanted to channel a piece of the enormous wealth that exists in the corporate world to the social good causes and institutions that have an impact in fighting poverty, social inequality, world hunger, environmental preservation and so many others.

Our users are at the centre of this revolution. We put you in the driving seat. Share with your friends brands that you like, that you identify with, that you think they’ll like. And you choose where the money goes to by selecting your favourite charities. All your friends have to do is click.

We have high ambitions, but we need each and every single one of you. And then, together, we will change the world one click at a time.