Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Charities

    Can I change the Charities selected?

    Yes, you can make changes as often as you'd like. Remember, however, that each event (click, share, etc) amounts to just a few pence, so to maximise the amount you give to a charity, we recommend you keep your selections for at least one month.

    You can always see how much you've raised in your Dashboard, which you find in your Account area.

    How do I know how much money I've raised for my selected Charities?

    You can login at any time to your Charub account and see this data in your Dashboard, which you find in your Account area.

    I can't find my favourite charity. Why?

    Charub is a whole new concept and service. As such, we have to start from the ground up. We will be adding Charities as quickly as we can sign them up.

    If you have a suggestion for a Charity you would like us to add to the catalogue, please feel free to let us know by sending us a message via the website.

  • Adverts

    Do the Adverts expire?

    Yes. There are Ads that expire after a certain date and some that expire once the Campaign budget for that Ad is all used up (i.e. given to charity).

    Does Charub make money? How?

    Yes, we do. We are a normal limited company registered in the UK. The only difference between us and other companies is that we have a social ethos and our mission is to raise money for Charity.

    When we take on an Ad campaign, the price agreed with the advertiser for the campaign goes 100% to Charity.

    Charub charges advertisers an administration fee on top, which allows us to run our business including paying for IT infrastructure, salaries, other costs and most importantly, enables us to expand into other countries and reach an even bigger user base for maximizing social good impact.

    How much of the Ad money actually goes to Charity?

    Charub offer several pricing options to Advertisers. The higher the cost of a campaign, the cheaper the price per event (click, like, etc.). When an advertiser selects one of these price options for their Ad, this is called the Campaign Budget for the Ad.

    100% of the Campaign Budget is given to Charities - as per our users' selections.

    What does the Charub advert post look like on Facebook?

    The post we publish in your Facebook wall has a picture, which is the same as you see in the Adverts catalogue for your chosen ad.

    The text in the advert is the same as is in the ad description in the calalogue. To see this, just click on an ad and a pop-up will appear.

    The message of the post itself is whatever you write on the Message box - we also have a suggested text "By clicking this ad you will be donating to my favourite charity via Charub", which you can copy/paste if you like (we cannot do it ourselves because that would break Facebook guidelines).

    Why do I need to choose Adverts?

    The Charub service is actually an advertising portal.

    Ads are everywhere these days and they are the mechanism by which most online companies make money. We thought it would be a good idea to channel some of that money to good causes.

    And we put you, the user, in the driving seat. You choose the Adverts and you choose the Charities. We do the rest.

    If you prefer to have Charub randomly select Adverts and/or Charities for you, we can do that too. Just go to the Selection area in your account and click on the "Choose for me" buttons. 

  • Account creation

    How can I find out what data you hold about me?

    The only data we hold about you is the data you provided when creating your account and also the data you approved us collecting from your social media account(s) when you first linked it/them to your Charub account.

    If you would like to know more details, please send us a message via the website.

    How do I create an account?

    From any Charub page, click the "Sign Up/Login" button, and then fill in the form on the left hand side. You will need to validate your account by clicking the link in the email we send you.

    To enable Charub to post to your Facebook account you will also have to connect your Charub account to your Facebook account (via the big blue Facebook button).

    Why do I need a Charub account? Can't I login with my Facebook login?

    We aim to have several platforms where users will be able to post Ads to, not just Facebook, so we may have users that don't have a Facebook account.

    By creating a Charub account, you will be able to connect to several social networks (from just one account) and make changes to the networks you are connected to in the future.

  • Facebook sharing

    How often will Ads be shared on Facebook?

    We share one Ad per day, alternating the Ads based on your selections.

    My chosen Ads are not getting posted. What can I do?

    Sometimes our automated system encounters an error when trying to post to Facebook. When this happens and to avoid repeated errors we stop the automatic posting.

    In order to resume your ads getting posted, simply login to your Charub account, reconnect to Facebook if asked and click "Edit Selections" in the Adverts page. Then click Share again (you don't have to make changes to the ads selected unless you want to).

    This should reset your posting schedule and resume the automated posts as intended.

  • About Us

    What does the word Charub mean?

    There was a lot of care and thought behind the choosing of the name for our service.

    We wanted to choose a word that had associations with Charity. We looked for words in all languages on the planet, looking for something original, but couldn't find anything that wasn't already being used one way or another.

    Then we set out to create a new word. It had to be short, it had to be original, it had to be memorable.

    It was with the help of a colleague, Alistair Ritchie, that we came to the name. Charub is two things - it's a play on the word cherub, which means angel and describes exactly what we want to be in the world, and it's also a joining of the words Charity Hub, which is in essence what our website is.

    We have high hopes that our name will one day be a verb, synonym with "advertising for charity".

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