Charub supporters

Our supporters

"Charub is a wonderful concept and enables people to generate money for charities close to their heart just by being active on social media. Brands benefit, charities benefit and users benefit form using Charub; it truly is a WIN WIN for everyone. I have been on an positive, eye opening journey with Charub, one of which has proved to be good for the soul. The dawn of Social Good has arrived and Charub is leading the way."

Michael Keogh, Charub

"An incredible innovation - doing good while being social - it's brilliant. I'm looking forward to watching Charub go global and realise their ambitious goals."

Kate Gray, Builder of brands/customers/talent at ambitious companies

"I love it. Everyone really does win, let's start changing the way charities get donations by re-diverting money that brands are spending anyway- Genius! Looking forward to seeing it go global!"

Charlotte Pearce, Founder of @inkpact

"Is this the future of advertising? Interesting concept by @Charub_org"

Belinda Parmar, CEO of @ladygeek

"Charub wants to start a revolution in fundraising, and I​'m looking forward to see​ing​ it unfold."

Rosie Warin, CEO of @globaltolerance

"This has been the most challenging project I've worked on in years, but possibly the most rewarding as well. Looking forward to seeing it go places..."

Manuel Almeida, Turtlestep

"Charub - a great concept and an easy way to support a charity of your choice."

Tamsyn Murphy, Developer/Tester

"I just wanted to say how much I love the concept and will support & promote you as much as I can when you launch."

Melanie Stewart, Technologist

"I love the concept!"

Marike Fichardt, Founder @

"Charub. Wow! This can really make a difference. I’ll tell all my friends about it"

Jon Lacey, Skype